Buster Keaton Film Music

Ingenious creative score writing for silent movies to bring them to life
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Performance & Workshop

I can provide a copyright-free DVD of each film, a laptop, projector, screen, keyboard and amp.

My only requirements are curtains/blinds (if the event is during the day), one power point, and a changing area. If there is a good in-house piano, I would love to use this but I can provide a top quality digital piano.

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Steamboat Bill Jr

Steamboat Bill, Jr. is a 1928 silent comedy film starring Buster Keaton. Released by United Artists, the film is the last product of Keaton's independent production team and set of gag writers.

About Steamboat Bill Jr
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The General

The General is a 1926 American silent comedy film released by United Artists. It was inspired by the Great Locomotive Chase, a true story of an event that occurred during the American Civil War.

About The General
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