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Ingenious creative score writing for silent movies to bring them to life
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The General

I compose and improvise piano music for Silent Film. I have long been an ardent admirer of the legendary Buster Keaton and this website features my Music for two of his greatest films – ‘The General’ and ‘Steamboat Bill, Jr.’

I was commissioned to write a score for ‘The General’ by York Film Trust and after a glowing review (see below) from Film Producer – Mark Herman* (‘Brassed Off’, ‘Little Voice’) was encouraged to compose a score for ‘Steamboat Bill, Jr.’.

Please watch the following excerpts to get an idea of what I do.

These three short videos demonstrate my unique approach to writing for silent comedy and give an insight into my musical background

You can purchase the The General DVD by clicking on the below link.

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"Kieran White's score, and his live accompaniment, raises an already almost perfect film to fresh heights.
Even if you've seen 'The General' a hundred times, this is an entirely new experience. There are emotions and laughs that you may not have spotted before - Kieran presses buttons that may not have been previously pressed.

It's a shame that Buster Keaton never knew that his flawless performance could actually be enhanced.
You can watch 'The General' online for free, you can maybe see it in cinemas occasionally but whatever you do, don't pass on the opportunity to see it like this"



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